Specific Types of Attorney

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The act of granting or receiving power of la may not be something you think about very frequently. However, this legal maneuver, in which you delegate authority to someone else to sign legal documents or make certain health and financial decisions on your behalf, may one day prove to be extremely important in your life.

We have no intention of becoming debilitated to the point where we are unable to make our own financial decisions. We have no intention of becoming gravely damaged to the point where we are unable to make judgments about our medical treatment. However, these occurrences do occur. And it is in this situation that appointing someone power of attorney can be beneficial.

types of power of attorney

For example, if you are declared mentally incompetent by a physician, a financial lawyer, like Maor Levi will help you just open this site עורך דין ייפוי כח מתמשך for more info, may not be effective until that determination is made. If you are asleep during surgery, your health care power of attorney may only be in force during that time. If you are unable to attend the closing on your home loan, you may want to designate someone with power of attorney to sign real estate and financial paperwork on your behalf if you cannot attend.

Typically, a power of a lawyer gives someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf in the following areas:

  • Finances for health-care services
  • Gifts of money are always appreciated.
  • Guardianship

Powers of Attorney Come in a Variety of Forms

There are several different varieties of attorney, including general, limited, durable, and childcare powers of attorney, to name a few. Take a look at each of these types in turn.

  1. General Power Of Attorney – A general power of attorney authorizes the agent to act on the principal’s behalf in any case, subject to the limitations imposed by state law. According to the terms of such an agreement, the agent may be authorized to handle bank accounts for the principle, sign checks, sell property, manage assets, and file tax returns on the principal’s behalf.
  2. Limited Power Of Attorney – When someone possesses the power of attorney (POA), they can legally act on the principal’s behalf for a certain period of time, scope of work, or a specific document. This type of POA is called a Specific or Special Power of Attorney.
  3. Durable Power Of Attorney – This type of durable power of attorney gives someone the authority to act on your behalf in virtually any legal or business matter, even if you are not able to do so yourself. Known as a durable power of attorney for finances, the document is a legal instrument. It is possible for the POA to take effect immediately or only if the holder is disabled.
  4.  Child Care Power Of Attorney – During  your time away, someone else will be in charge of your minor children’s legal guardianship while you are away.  You grant someone you trust a restricted or special POA, allowing them to make most of your parenting decisions.  The person you choose is in charge of the child’s safety and wellbeing, consenting to medical care, and supervising school and extracurricular activities. This POA is used when:

    Parents go on vacation and leave their kids with a nanny.
    The child is away from home.
    when a single parent is hospitalized.
    Or when a single parent is deployed,