Amazon Vs AliExpress: Which Is A Better Dropshipping Supplier

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When you set out on your dropshipping business journey, one of the first challenges you come across is choosing the right dropshipping supplier.
Amazon and AliExpress, the two eCommerce giants are the most popular contenders here. With both of them providing impeccable service, they have their own set of advantages and disadvantages as well.
These differences will help you select the one that serves your needs the best.

Amazon Vs AliExpress: Detailed Comparison

Amazon Vs AliExpress: Detailed Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison to help you choose between Amazon and AliExpress.

1. Personal Branding

As a seller, brand packaging is an important factor that influences your authority as a brand. However, if you choose Amazon to dropship your orders, they will deliver them in their own package.
On the other hand, AliExpress dropshipping supplier allows you to use your own personal brand packaging when the products are delivered. This will help your brand slowly gain recognition.

2. Quality and Customer Experience

Amazon is a host to countless brands that are known for their superior quality products. On the other hand, AliExpress has been called out in the past for delivering low-quality products.
The quality of the product will determine if you will be retaining customers and Amazon has an upper hand in this matter.
Unlike AliExpress, they also provide seamless customer service. They have an easy return policy that allows customers to get a full refund depending on the order without much hassle.

3. Delivery Time

Delivery time is an important factor that influences the shopping decisions made by your customers. Amazon provides quick deliveries within a week and using Amazon prime qualifies you for even faster deliveries.
AliExpress on the other hand takes 3 to 4 weeks to deliver a product. This is a major turn-off for customers and they might avoid shopping with you.

4. eBay’s Action Against Dropshipping From Amazon

If you are having trouble choosing between the two then this point might settle it for you. A few years ago, eBay started flagging seller accounts that dropshipped products from Amazon.
This means that your products will stop showing up in related product searches which will obviously hamper your sales.
While it’s not exactly illegal to sell Amazon products, you do run the risk of getting your account flagged. Although Amazon offers considerable benefits, risking your account might not be worth it.

5. Amazon’s Policy Regarding Dropshipping

While Amazon does not forbid using its service for dropshipping, you are not allowed to use your Amazon prime account for the same.
The benefits that come with Prime accounts are only for customers and not sellers. Also, the original sellers on Amazon retain copyright on the product images, preventing you from using them.
Since the product is directly delivered to your customers, you have no way of clicking a picture of the product yourself. And selling anything online without pictures is almost impossible.


By this point, you might have realized that choosing Amazon for your dropshipping business on eBay is not a wise choice.
But AliExpress too comes with its own set of disadvantages. Hence if you want to scale your business, you should definitely keep looking for better alternatives.