How Does Fire Title Work?

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Founded in the year 2019, Fire Title Builder is a tool that caters primarily to eBay sellers. It was founded by a small group of eBay sellers for tweaking certain aspects of the process of dropshipping.
This tool revolves primarily around attaining visibility for dropshippers through the right application of keywords and Search engine optimization tools.
It helps you find the best-suited title for your product which eventually ranks your store higher in search queries.

Fire Title

How Does It Work

On eBay, you have the option of entering a product’s name on the search bar. Upon entering the name, a number of lists containing stores and their products appear which have been uploaded by various sellers.
The rankings of these lists keep on changing depending on the availability of the products.
However, despite certain sellers selling the same products, only some of them make it to the first page.
Have you ever wondered what’s the reason for this disparity? Here is where the concepts of keywords and Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

1.Create An Account On The Platform:

Whether or not you are a registered seller on eBay, you have to first create an account on Fire Title. Anyone, whether it is a dropshipper or not can create an account on Fire Title Builder Dropshipping Tool for free.

2. Begin By Choosing A Product: 

Choose a product that is in demand and has the capacity to bring you substantial and regular revenue. You can do so by simply selecting a product from the list made by you via your own research and analysis.

3. Search For Product-Related keywords:

After analyzing the rankings for your product, you search for keywords related to the product in the search panel. 

4. Select the appropriate keywords for the product title: 

Once a list of keywords related to your product is available to you, you apply some of those words to the title of the product. In this way, you get to choose an SEO-friendly title that helps to push your product rankings higher.

5. Add SEO friendly description to your products: 

When you add an SEO-friendly description and title to your products, the algorithm of ebay automatically recognizes it and pushes the product to the front page of ebay.
The SEO-friendly content also helps the product and the drop shipper to gain greater visibility.

Fire Title Builder is a free dropshipping tool that can be used to optimize product titles not only on ebay but across other platforms as well.
The concept of keywords and Search Engine Optimization is used all over the internet. The rise in visibility acts as a major contributing factor towards the increase in sales.

Final Thoughts

With a user-friendly interface and free-to-use services, Fire Title Builder is undoubtedly going to see newer heights in the near future.
We live in a world where our everyday lives are dominated by digitization. In an era like this, any platform that can crack the whole mystery behind algorithms and the concept of SEO is sure to be of immense value and hence remain in demand.