How To Escape Getting Flagged By eBay

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The practice of account flagging has been on the rise due to an increase in the number of fraudulent practices in the dropshipping industry.
In the wake of this rise, ebay in April 2018 introduced this rule of flagging dropshippers who connected with an API (Automated Programming Interface) Monitor or are connected with third-party retailers like Amazon.
The flagging of dropshipping accounts automatically results in the lowering of visibility and an eventual decline in sales.
Hence, dropshippers need to find a way to keep their accounts from getting flagged and lead a profitable business experience.

In order to take steps to avoid flagging, you first need to be sure that your account is getting flagged.
One prominent indicator to prove this is a steady decline in the number of views and organic sales.
In case of an extreme situation, ebay might decide on doing away with your account completely and will notify you about this via email. 

How To Prevent Your Account From Getting Flagged on ebay

Getting Flagged on ebay

Here are four golden tips that you should etch in your mind if you want to negate any possibility of your account getting flagged by eBay:

1.Be aware of the selling policies on ebay: 

Sometimes drop shippers don’t read the documents carefully and end up violating selling policies. Make sure you are well aware of the rules and regulations before you set up a dropshipping account on ebay.

2. Sell unique products:

Following the trend and selling what is most in demand might seem to generate a lot of sales and hence, a lot of profit margins.
But selling similar or same products as other dropshippers at a similar price can come across as suspicious.
This might result in eBay flagging or even worse, suspending your account.
You can also use Fire Title Builder to enhance both the originality score and the ranking of your product.

3. Collaborate with wholesalers instead of retailers:

Connecting with retailers like Amazon is not the accepted way of dropshipping on ebay. Selling and listing products from trustworthy wholesalers who provide timely services with quality products is what ebay supports.

4. Choosing Non-API Monitoring Dropshipping Tools: 

Application Programming Interface or API monitoring assesses the way dropshipping store functions.
Choosing a tool like Dropeex that does not have an API monitor or non API monitoring service like Kaldrop will help dropshippers be on ebay without getting detected by its algorithm.

How To Get Unflagged on eBay

There are ways in which you can get unflagged on ebay as well. Some of those practices involve : 

  • Sending an official mail stating your condition to the eBay support team
  • Connecting to eBay through its hotline
  • Registering a fresh new account

Final Thoughts

As a dropshipper, one has to be aware of all aspects of the trade that one is entering into and a colossal part of it involves knowing certain technological and legal terminology as well.
Besides knowing and experiencing various dimensions of the business, one must do a considerable amount of research on the background and workings of the platform they are dealing with.
Of course, in most cases, things can be undone but prevention is always better than cure.