Why You Should Use A Non-API eBay Lister

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It all started in 2018 when eBay chose to remove some dropshippers from their platform’s exposure. Since then, eBay has been “flagging accounts” which use API-based listers.
Due to an increase in the number of fraudulent acts in the dropshipping business, the practice of account flagging has become more popular. Non-API-based listers were the saviors here. 

API dropshipping is when you dropship on eBay using software that makes modifications to your eBay store using eBay’s API.
Non-API, on the other hand, refers to dropshipping without the use of software, or to utilizing software to dropship on eBay that does not connect to eBay through their API, but rather through other technical ways.

Reasons For Using A Non-API eBay Lister

A Non-API eBay Lister

There are various reasons why using a Non-API eBay lister is the way to go. Here are some reasons to make you believe that using a non-API eBay lister will bring many benefits to your dropshipping business.

Increase in Sales

Nothing is more important than making more and more sales when you are in a dropshipping business. After all, you are in the business to make sales.
API-based listers run at a risk of getting your eBay account flagged which in turn reduces your visibility leading to reduced sales.
Using a Non-API lister and dropshipping tool such as Kaldrop saves you from such hassles. You will never be at the risk of getting flagged and your account visibility also increases.
In the end, the result you get is increased sales, more revenue, and more profits.

Need Fewer Listings

Dropshippers who use API-based Listers have a limited number of eBay accounts with tens of thousands of listings on each.
This is done to make sure that if not all, some of the listings are ranked higher. You don’t need thousands of listings to achieve sales with non-API lister because your listings obtain higher visibility in eBay’s search results, resulting in about 10x the sales of API software.
Not to mention, the more listings you have, the more stress you carry of managing the listings.

Faster Growth 

If you dropship using eBay’s API and use retail suppliers like Amazon, eBay will “flag” your store, lowering the visibility of your listings in their search results and rendering any promotional listings you have worthless, resulting in a 5-10x loss in sales.
This will consequently reduce your dropshipping business’s growth pace.
However, all of this hassle can be easily avoided when you use a Non-API lister. Such listers help boost your sales and as a result, your business grows multifold.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we would say that Non-API based listers have an edge over API-based listers when it comes to eBay dropshipping. Running a business with the risk of getting flagged is never a good idea.
As a dropshipper, you need to look at all aspects and cover as much risk as possible. Since unflagging an account is nearly impossible when working with a Non-API based lister, it is naturally a better choice.